Micro, Family-Owned

One day, I knew I needed a goat.

It didn't matter that I didn't live in an agricultural area. It didn't matter that I couldn't exactly tell my wonderful husband "why." Instead, my first goat, Winnie, took the lead and we all started on our journey. Together, we've created a self-sustaining grazing business that serves the community with a great appreciation of all that is beautiful in Michigan.



City Girls Farm started out as City Girls Soap, a company founded to create hand-crafted, goat milk-based bath products. Our first goat, Winnie, had greener pastures in mind.


The City Girls herd continued to grow to thanks to the birth of Winnie’s twins and quads. Now, all of the goats work together with us (and our trusty dog Gus) to serve another important purpose: turning blight into beauty.

Grazing is the world’s oldest, safest and most natural way to clear brush and stubborn, invasive species. This low-carbon, pesticide- and herbicide-free method eliminates Buckthorn, Autumn Olive, Phragmites, Poison Ivy, Mustard Garlic and more.


The City Girls Farms approach is based on a truly amazing fact:  A single goat can make their way through 100 square feet of unwanted vegetation in a day!


Since goats have multi-chambered stomachs and chew cud, the greens and any seeds are ground up and processed. That means your space is cleared PLUS no more germination!


Today, City Girls Farm is Southeast Michigan’s premier Conservation Grazing operation. The operation happily resides in Pontiac, Michigan on the grounds of Historic Goldner Walsh Garden & Home. The entire gang looks forward to serving you!



We’re ready to tackle your vegetation situation with grazing. The City Girls Farm method is safe and natural. There are no noisy engines or lunch breaks (since they pretty much eat all day).


Clients agree that there is probably nothing more charming than watching the City Girls Farm herd at work. All you need to do is sit back and smile. Hilly or rocky, picky or scratchy – it’s not a problem it’s a goat buffet – so contact us today!

    Residential, Commercial & Municipal